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The Just Destiny of Fools

Tuesday, July 30, 2013.

Fandom(s): , , .
Rating: T.

Summary: Smallville AU. Marcus is captivated by a visiting Luthor Corp. executive and her talk of Destiny. But is her not being a Luthor enough reason to trust her? And is Esca pulling Marcus way from or pushing him towards her?

Written for The Eagle Big Bang (masterpost).

Many thanks to the ever loving sistermine for being the ever patient beta reader through many drafts, and imera for the beautiful cover.

Note: Starts at Smallville season 4 where they are high school seniors and goes from there. The Seal Prince, I’ve given him the name Liathan from the book. As for Placidus, I renamed him Sid to sound more contemporary and modern.

Spoilers: Smallville seasons 4 – 10.

Warnings: (skip) disability, ableism, kidnappings, dub-con and non-con sexual battery, D / s dynamics, sub drops, discussions of rape, self harm.

( Pairings: Marcus / Esca, Marcus / Tess, Marcus / Placidus ) and Esca / Liathan. Word Count: 27.1 k. )

Civil Conquest

Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

Fandom(s): .
Rating: M.

Summary: Esca begins to wonder just how roman Marcus really is but he doesn’t know where Marcus is really from.

Mostly movie-verse, including shooting script Cottia. But a few nods to the book.

Written for The Eagle Big Bang (masterpost).

Many thanks to the ever loving lycanthrophile for all the times I cried on her shoulder, mskatej for letting me inflict the movie onto her and for being the ever patient beta reader through many drafts, and ladytiferet for her beautiful illustrations.

Warnings: (skip) sex, BDSM, D / s, dub-con. Placidus x Marcus: No sex but sexual and dub-con. Marcus x Placidus: BDSM, D / s.

( Pairings: Marcus / Placidus, Marcus / Esca, Marcus / OFC, Placidus / OFC. Word Count: 19.8 k. )

Gliding Moments

Friday, June 18, 2004.

Fandom(s): .
Rating: K.

Summary: Some moments are meant to linger, even if it’s winter and there are no roses to smell. Takes place at the 1998 Nagano Olympics, after the New Year’s archery contest arc.

Notes: I came up with this idea for Starza’s challenge back in April but life happened and I kept on forgetting what I wanted to do with this story. Anyways, better late than never — so long as it gets out there.

( Pairing: Tatsumi x Tsuzuki. Word Count: 802. )

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