Keeping Time

Monday, July 19, 2004.

Fandom(s): .
Rating: K+.

Summary: Set in 1951, Tsuzuki waits.

Warnings: (skip) Rated K+ for angst.

Notes: Written for a Fuda 100 challenge: “Treasures.”

Tsuzuki waits at the restaurant, apple pie untouched. Why is Tatsumi-san late? Tsuzuki eyes a clock — each passing second is forever.

Usually, Tatsumi just scolds Tsuzuki — but not yesterday. “Each time you are late, I want to jump up at any sign, any hope that you are near.”

And now Tatsumi arrives. “Forgive me for being late but, I had to buy this for you.” And he pulls out from his pocket, a soggy, muddy watch with “Timex” lettered on its face. “For your wrist . . . for you . . . please, allow me . . . ” And Tsuzuki reaches out with and exposes his right wrist. ❀

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