Kept In My Heart

Monday, July 26, 2004.

Fandom(s): .
Rating: K+.

Summary: To love is to set free.

Warnings: (skip) Rated K+ for angst.

Notes: Written for a Fuda 100 challenge: “Treasures.”

I want to be free . . .

He couldn’t move. Heavy chains tugged at and limited his limbs. But this was after he couldn’t speak — a lesson learned the hard way. Acceptance had been conditional — don’t break the peace.

Why am I free?

“Tsuzuki. Why do you let me go if you are my master?”

“I got a riddle for you.”

“Tsuzuki. I’m serious.”

“How do you keep the one you love?”

“Tsuzuki-san . . . ”

“You don’t. Love is selfless, unconditinal.”

So, for Touda, he would be anywhere and would do anything for his master — bound by the ever unbroken gratefulness and loyalty. ❀

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