No Power for Light

Wednesday, August 13, 2003.

Fandom(s): .
Rating: K+.

Summary: Lex, alone in the dark

Spoilers: Hourglass, Visitor

Warnings: (skip) Rated K+ for angst, near drowning.

Notes: Written for the Wednesday 100: In the Dark of the Night

It’s a new moon night but that doesn’t matter — the room doesn’t have any windows. Only a pair of floodlights and a few lamps light up the room. The electricity is dead, nothing flows to power the lights. Not that Lex needs any light — he is already sitting in the car wreckage, already contemplating shutting off the lights, before the power is cut off.

The musky river water seems to fill the air more and Lex floats in the scent, remembering the way, one certain afternoon, he floated in the dark currents until a light began to shine inside him. ❀

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