Monday, August 2, 2004.

Fandom(s): .
Rating: K+.

Summary: Tatsumi on a rampage for Tsuzuki.

Warnings: (skip) Rated K+ for destruction.

Notes: Written for a Fuda 100 challenge: “Capture a Moment.”

Tatsumi surveyed the library — broken door from kicking it down, bookcases and more bookcases of photobooks and videotapes, gasoline sprinkled all over. Lighter in hand, he picked up a photobook, lit it, and dropped it.

Just then, the Count arrived on the scene — horror coming from his voice! “My Tsuzuki library! Tatsumi! You’ll pay for this!”

Tatsumi almost kicked the Count to GenSouKai but then remembered. “No need to worry, Count. I’ve already taken care of the paperwork,” and Tatsumi pulled out of his inner jacket papers from EnmaDaiOh for the Count — a bill for the reconstruction of the library. ❀

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