The Cold, Hard Spring of Green Immortality

Tuesday, August 17, 2004.

Fandom(s): , , .
Rating: T.

Summary: In quest of immortality.

Warnings: (skip) Rated T for suggestions of kidnapping and torture.

Notes: Written for a Fuda 100 challenge: “Mix and Match Universes.”

“Dr. Muraki.” Lionel addressed the doctor.

“As a key investor in the Kakyoin Group, I was quite upset when the Queen Camellia sank. I had so much at stake, I was ready to ruin and take someone’s life. However . . . ”

“I’d offer my research,” Muraki offered, “but I’m particular to a certain test subject.”

“Ah yes, that Tsuzuki. Not even an alien has such exquisitely colored eyes.”

Muraki pondered the implications of that statement.

“Instead,” Lionel pressed a button. “Why don’t you use my test subject?” A door opened to a green glow — a tall, dark-haired young man lay unconscious inside.

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