Zero Consequences

Thursday, August 12, 2004.

Fandom(s): .
Rating: T.

Summary: Muraki writes a letter to Oriya.

Warnings: (skip) Slash / yaoi. Rated T for implied rape.

Notes: Written for a Fuda 100 challenge: “First Times.”


Is the price too high? I assure you that once you see him — that beautiful body and face and the most exotic amethyst colored eyes — you would agree the night would be worth it.

I have him trapped in dusky room, secluded from the rest of the hospital, so you would be free to do whatever you please with him. That’s right, anything you please. His body heals to erase all traces of the night. A memory erasing spell keeps him from remembering what he should know of the night.

So, would you like to know him?

Muraki Yukitaka

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